Another Quiet Monday morning Run

May 18, 2020

Another Quiet Monday Morning

My morning run was very peaceful because I saw almost nobody else. I am now used to seeing nearly no cars on the street. I saw other runners perhaps 2 or 3 times over the 8 mile course I followed. I am becoming accustomed to quiet, traffic free streets.


People are even following appropriate social distancing. I saw a couple of runners about a half block in front of me between mile 3 and 4. I usually speed up a little bit to see if I can pass other runners, but decided to slow down because I wanted to maintain an appropriate distance from them. When they had to stop at a trafffic light they crossed to the other side of the street so that even when we were heading in the same direction they could be across the street from me. I find it comforting that even when people are running they are staying as safe as possible.