April 3, 2020 Run

Apr 03, 2020

Friday Morning Reflections

I am ready to sign up for my first virtual run I am going to run the 50k version of Brazos on the Bend. I am ready to build up to a 30 mile distance. I will be prepared to handle it on my own.Almost everyone is doing things from home, in a virtual environment. Since everyone in my office is working from home we can only have staff meetings online through the Zoom program. Most film festivals are being conducted online. Zoos and museums are offering virtual tours of their environments over the web.

The best way for me to join other runners is through a virtual race. This enables us all to run the same distance in our own cities. Even though we will not run on the same course at the same time we will all be participating in the same event. We can virtually support each other. We will also support the organization putting on the race. I am ready to join this challenge.