How the Jingle Bell 5k improved my running

Dec 09, 2019

The Jingle Bell 5k improved My Training

My 10 mile run this morning showed me that running in the Jingle Bell 5k race yesterday will have the long term affect of improving my training. I ran, for instance, at a faster pace than I usually do for most of the run. This includes the time when I was on the hike and bike trail, I usually slow down, because of the uneven surface of the trail and poor lighting on it, when I start running on the trail. My breathing rhythm and stride were better this morning My overall form, including the way i held my head  and moved my arms were also much better this morning.

Running is a solitary form of exercise because, by the nature of this activity, it is something that you need to do on your own. This does not mean, however, that you cannot run alongside other people. Training with other runners, in fact, usually helps everyone doing so. Part of this is because your fellow runners can push or inspire you to run faster. Part of this is because your fellow runners can teach you how to improve your form. They can do so by offering advice or providing an example. You can even learn that you need to improve your form in order to keep up with  the other runners. they can teach you, in other words, by making you draw on your instincts.

I needed to rely on my best running form to do as well as I could in the Jingle Bell 5k. I discovered that I am still running in my top form this morning. The Jingle Bell 5k.  in short, is a fun race that also improved my form and style.This could even help me train better for my next 50k.