Last run of 2019

Dec 31, 2019


I was unexpectedly out of town for most of my Christmas vacation. My long morning run the day after returning home from this unplanned trip was a nice way to come back home. Until, that is, I had a nasty fall about a mile and a half from home..

There were some nasty cuts and scrapes on my knee, elbow and palm. I also came down rather hard on my ribs, so my chest was hurting quite a bit. I took a couple of days off to give my chest and ribs a chance to heal. I learned that I probably have torn cartlidge today.

Recovering from the accident and dealing with the pain of the injury is what delayed me from writing my blog this week. I am now feeling good enough to both continue to run and write my blog.

There is no way that this injury will prevent me from running. It would heal faster if I took a break from running. I am am in an ultra marathon at the end of February, though, so nothing will stop me from running. I may not be able to run the Cowtown challenge at my top speed, but nothing will keep me from continuing to train for this great race.