A long run the morning after a virtual 5k

Jun 04, 2020

A Long Run the Morning After a Virtual 5k


I started running a virtual 5k a little before 5:00pm yesterday afternoon. Although I do not find running 3.1 miles difficult, I find doing so when it is a little over 90 degrees quite challenging. I was very proud, for this reason, to finish the 5k. I set Strava, my gps, to track the distance I ran by kilometer rather than mile. I wanted to make sure I completed a full 5k. I did not want to go 3 miles, which is a little under 5k, or 3 and a half miles, which is notably longer.

I did not remember to reset my STRAVA after finishing the 5k, however. I was, after all, distracted by a number of things. My first concern was to cool down. I was considerably warmer than usual after that 5k, for understandable reasons. Between cooling off, taking a post run shower, and eating dinner I completely forgot about it. I did not remember that Strava was measuring my distance by kilometers until It announced that I had run  .5k at the beginning of my morning run today.

I thought that an easy 10 mile run would be a good way to recover the morning after a 5k, so I started on what I planned to be a gentle 10 mile run at a slow pace. I ran the whole distance only knowing roughly how far I had run. I was not sure how to judge my pace, either. When I hear I am going at a 6 minute or 5 minute 30 second pace for a kilometer I am not sure how fast that is. I find that I cannot easily translate that into minutes per mile, so I ran the whole 10.5 miles according to how I felt.

That added a new perspective to my run. I heard stats about my distance and pace throughout the run without truly understanding what they meant. I am in the habit of judging my  speed and distance by the mile, not the kilometer. I have been doing this for 15 years, so I am incredibly used to it. I could only roughly judge my pace at the 5k, 10k and 15k distances, because that is roughly 3, 6, and 9 miles. Those are, to be accurate, 3.1, 6.2 and 9.3 miles.