May 12th reflections on running

May 12, 2020

Tuesday Morning Reflections on Running

Several things struck me during my 8 mile run this morning. I noticed, first of all, that there was less traffic and the streets were more quiet this morning. The traffic usually picks up on Tuesday so this is unusual. Perhaps there are fewer cars in general because of the shelter at home order for Austin. Perhaps yesterday was an unusually busy day. Maybe this is just a coincidence for which there is no explanation.

I also realized that a little more than a week ago I finished my eighth 31 mile race. When I was a teenager, before i became legally blind, I used to ride a bicycle roughly 30 miles a day. I am now planning for my 9th 31 mile race that I will run. I never thought I would be able to run 1 mile longer than I usually rode a bicycle. I ran 50 miles, which is longer than I ever rode a bicycle, on two occasions. I am amazed by what the body can do.

There is still a chance that I will run a 100  mile event at some point. Could I run more than 3 times as far as I ever rode a bicycle? Yes I can. The only question is when will I do so.