Monday, March 23, 2020

Mar 23, 2020

Right now running is the only thing taking me outside of my house. I only leave my apartment for my morning run. I witness how much Concern over COVID-19 is affecting the city on each of these runs. There is very little traffic and almost no pedestrians.

All of the 5k races I would normally enter have been called off and several marathons have been postponed. Even the trail races in Texas have been affected since they are now being held as virtual events. A considerably smaller number of people enter trail races which are typically held outside of cities. There is a much lower chance of infection, in other words, from a trail race. Even these events, however, are being affected by the Corona virus.

I decided, during my morning run, to enter a virtual trail run this year. Maybe I will run a virtual half marathon, or perhaps I will be crazy enough to run a virtual 50k. My entry fee will help support Trail running Over Texas. I should, as a runner, do what I can to help support local organizations that put on races. Requiring myself to get in good enough shape to run a virtual 50k will also promote my physical health.