Thanksgiving 10 mile run

Nov 28, 2019


I ran a pleasant, peaceful 10 miles this morning. This is my longest run after my last ultra marathon. I am pleased to learn that I have recovered well enough to run that distance without any trouble.

I prefer running in the morning for a couple of reasons. First, the temperature is considerably cooler. This is pleasant in August and September, when the highs are near or over 100 degrees. This can make it challenging in December and January, however when it can be between 30 and 40 degrees at the start of the run. After running for at least a mile, though, I do not notice the cold because my body has warmed up so much that I do not notice how cold the weather is. . There are almost  no cars on the road at the start of my run. Even though there is some traffic by the end of my run, the city is still mostly peaceful and quiet.

This morning, however, there were almost no cars throughout the run because it is Thanksgiving. Almost nobody is on the road because they are all enjoying the holiday. Some may be preparing their Thanksgiving meal, some may be sleeping late, and others may be doing nothing at all. Nearly none of them, for whatever reason, are on the road. I did see some traffic when I passed the area where the starting line of the annual Turkey Trot race is. Those cars, however,were in the distance. I had the rare opportunity to run almost completely on my own. This makes for the best way to start my Thanksgiving vacation. Running on my own, and only seeing other runners off in the distance gives me a quiet and peaceful way to start the holiday.