Thursday Morning

Sep 26, 2019

Another 8,  or 8.27, mile run this morning. Although the temperature is still a little warm for comfortable running, the weather will soon be perfect for  it. By late October, however it will start feeling too cold for comfortable running. Then the temperature will be uncomfortable until February. There will be ideal running temperatures in February and March, but it could start to feel a bit warm in April. By May it will definitely start to feel a little too warm. The months with the ideal temperature for running are October, February and March. Is this because of the weather or the activity of running? Can I actually expect a comfortable temperature when I am pushing my body to run for 8 to 10 miles? Should i expect the outdoor temperature to be comfortable when I am running 15 to 18 miles a day on the weekend? I should be prepared to put up with the condition of the weather.