Tuesday evening reflections

Mar 24, 2020

Tuesday, March 24 run

I had a pleasant 6.7 mile run this evening. I realized how much daily life has been altered over the past few weeks during this run.

I usually find the morning the safest time to run because there is little traffic then. I now find it just as safe to run in the evening.

The next two organized runs I will be in, moreover, are virtual runs. I have raised money for the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities in the Annual ADAPT of Texas FUNRUN for many years. I have one hour to complete as many laps as possible in this event, which usually takes place on the track at the Yellow Jacket stadium. Everyone participating in it typically runs on the same track, but that will not happen this year. Everyone has to run their distance at their own separate location to minimize the chance of spreading the Coronavirus.

I will also be running a virtual 50k to support Trail Running Over Texas. This organization manages trail races, but those have all been canceled because of the current pandemic. Canceling the trail runs will hurt this company because managing them is one of the ways that Trail Running Over Texas supports itself. I decided to support them by virtually participate in one of their trail runs.


I, like most Americans, am now working from home, not going out to eat, and streaming movies rather than going out to the movie theater. The Coronavirus is making all of us live our lives in a virtual environment. This now includes even the way I run races.


How long do you think we will be able to continue living this way? The internet enables us to work from home, order groceries online and even stream entertainment. We are innovative enough to create virtual events like online film festivals and virtual races. We need to have the determination and willpower to do this as long as it takes to survive the pandemic.