My Jingle Bel Run

Dec 09, 2019

The Jingle Bell Run, my first 5k at the age of 50.

This is my second race, and my first 5k, after my 50th birthday. The challenge in the Hill Country Trivium, my first race, is simply to finish the race. I am happy to have the ability to complete this, or any other 31 mile race. The Jingle Bell 5k is a different matter. I was not sure if I could still run at a fast pace for the 3.1 miles of this race. Can my body still take running at a sub 8 minute mile pace for 5 kilometers? do I need to slow down to my marathon pace of an 8 minute 40 second mile? Do I need to run at my ultra marathon pace of between 9 and 10 minutes per mile?

I found out, after the first 100 feet, that I can still run a shorter race at a faster pace. I learned that I cannot stand running at a slower pace. The question became how fast I can push my body. I found out that I was running a sub 8 minute mile for the first mile.

I passed many other runners during the race, and was passed by more than one over the course. I was delighted to discover that I was eventually able to pass a couple of people who I initially thought i could never catch. I was shocked, in the last half mile, when a man pushing his baby in a stroller passed me at an extremely fast run.

I am the third person to finish in my age group, so I am still running at a competitive pace with others in my age group.