2020 Cowtown Marathon

Mar 01, 2020

30 mile ultra marathon

2020 Cowtown Marathon

the Cowtown Challenge

Friday, February 28 - Sunday March 1, 2020

Dedicated to the memory of my father

The Cowtown Marathon is a race in Ft. Worth, Texas. which is commonly referred to as Cowtown. This name comes from the strong influence that the cattle industry has on this city. Is it any surprise that the marathon in Ft. worth is called the Cowtown marathon?  The runners can even smell the stockyards at the location of the marathon packet pickup!

I returned to run the Cowtown challenge. This is a 10k on Saturday then a 50k on Sunday. I ran a fast, shorter race followed by a true test of my endurance the next day. I was planning to improve my time this year.

I ran the 10k very well. The time was a little slower than I anticiapted since my average pace was around an 8 minute mile. I was the 8th person, however, to finish in my age group. I did not do as well as i wanted to in the ultra marathon, however. I wanted to come close to 5 hours 30 minutes, but finished in 5 hours 51 minutes. the last 10 miles were tough, and the last 6 were especially challenging.

I am very proud that i finished the race. I am already thinking of how I can run better in this one next year.

I decided to dedicate my efforts in this race to the memory of my father, who passed away in January.