2020 Hill Country Trivium

Nov 08, 2020

30 mile ultra marathon

2020 Hill Country Trivium



I had to drop out of this race about 5.5  miles from the finish. Both of my calves cramped up so much that I could  not stand on them. I literally dropped straight to the ground.

My legs were so tight that I could not even stand up for a couple of minutes I was eventually able to stand and start limping towards the nearest support station. I was able to stretch my calves, with the help of the incredible support staff, but I still had an incredibly hard time even getting in fthe car that took me to the finish line.

Why did my legs get so stiff? Maybe I did not stretch enough the night before or morning of the race. Maybe the heat and humidity hurt my legs more than usual. Maybe I did not drink enough water. Maybe i did not take in enough nutrition during the run. Maybe all of these factors played a role.

I am now going to think about re-training myself for my next marathon, the 2021 Austin Marathon.