2021 CASA Suphero 5k

Sep 12, 2021


The CASA Superhero 5k
September 12, 2021

CASA superhero 5k website

This is the first live race I will run in more than a year. I have been running enough miles to stay in shape and  even increased the distance I run each week. So I am definitely still in good shape.

I miss running alongside other people in a race. I realize this sounds contradictory since running is such an individual sport. One of the things I love about running, in fact, is how solitary this activity is. That is true even when I am in a race. All races, ranging from the 5k to the 50 mile ultra-marathon, give me a chance to measure myself against how other people run. I am doing so on an individual basis regardless of how many other people are in the race. I see how much faster or slower my pace is than the other people in the event.
This race also gives me the opportunity to dress as a superhero. This race is designed to raise money to help abused and neglected children. Runners are asked to be superheroes to kids f