2021 Hill Country Trivium

Nov 07, 2021

30 mile ultra marathon

2021 Hill Country Trivium

November 7, 2021

Marble Falls, Texas


This will be the fourth time I run this race. Last year I had to drop out at mile 20 because of an injury. The injury, fortunately, was not serious. My leg tightened up so much that it literally could not move. I was thrown to the ground and was unable to move my leg at all for a couple of minutes.

This was, needless to say, extremely frightening. I learned that the muscles in one of my legs had simply become so tight that it could not move. This year I am determined to go back to the Trivium and finish this race. I have done so twice before, so I know I have the ability. I have also been stretching my legs and keeping them as flexible as possible. I also have been working on keeping an appropriate pace for an ultra. I am, in short, doing everything I can to make sure I am fully prepared for this race.

I will update you after I complete it. Wish me luck!