Thunder clouds Turkey Trot

Sep 25, 2021


2021 Thunderclouds Turkey Trot
ity, rat

This race is unusual in a couple of ways. First, it is on Thanksgiving, a national holiday. Second, it is  a 5 mile long race instead of the typical 5k or 10k distance.  Thunderclouds Subs holds this 5 mile run in downtown Austin to celebrate Thanksgiving every year. I always enjoy it when I can celebrate this holiday by running in the Turkey Trot.

Some of the runners take this race at a fast, competitive pace. Others are so casual that they dress in Turkey costumes. I look forward to this as the first large race I will be in since the pandemic started. I mean large, to clarify,  by the number of runners in it. I completed the Hill Country Trivium, a 31 mile ultra-marathon, on the first weekend of this month, so I am not referring to the distance of the race.

There are going to be many more people in the Turkey Trot than there were in the Trivium. the Turkey Trot will also be in a city rather than on a street outside of it.

 I look forward to joining other runners for this event.