Virtual Brazos on the Bend 50k

May 02, 2020

30 mile ultra marathon

Virtual Brazos on the Bend 50k (31 miles)

This is the first virtual race I ran. 31 miles without crowd support. There were no water stations or fuel spots along the course either. I missed the company of other runners. I also missed the support offered by the crowd. I discovered that I can run 31 miles on my own.

I decided to break the race into smaller segments. I had completed 1/10 of the race at mile 3, 1/5 of it at mile 6, 3/10 of it at mile 9, and 2/5 of it at mile 12. All of a sudden I was at mile 15 and half way done. Concentrating on just 3 miles at a time made it much easier to deal with the distance of the race.

The last 3 miles, which were all uphill, were the toughest. Running mile 28 to 31 up a long, steady climb for 3 miles was a challenge. I was, needless to say, more than up to this challenge. Now I think I will not go running for a couple of weeks. I ran 4 31 mile races in the last 8 months I ran my last ultra-marathon 2 months ago, on March 1. My legs deserve a little rest.