Wildflower virtual 50k

Jun 15, 2020

30 mile ultra marathon

Wildflower Virtual 50k

Sunday, June 15

The Wildflower run had to be canceled this year because of COVID-19. The organizers of this race knew that the runners, workers and spectators at this race were in danger of catching it. The Coronavirus would be much more likely to infect people when a large number of them are participating in a variety of trail runs at the same time. Just consider how many runners would be dripping sweat off their bodies while breathing very hard. Most runners in a trail race, moreover, trip and fall at least once while going over the rocky or hilly terrain of the course. Both the runners and workers at the race would be exposed to bodily fluids such as sweat and even blood for many hours.

Finisher medal for the Wildflower 50k

Trail Racing Over Texas, the group that runs this race, replaced it with a virtual run. Anyone who signs up for it, can run this race at the time and location of his or her choice. Running anywhere from 5k to 50k on your own offers a much safer way to complete the course. Every runner might be lonely without the company of other runners and the support of the crowd. They will all be much more safe, however, because each one is running in isolation.

I will run a 50k version of it on Sunday, June 15 in Austin. I  am dedicating my efforts in this race to raise funds for the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD).

This non-profit organization, by working to ensure that every Texan with a disability has the same right to live, work, learn, and play as everyone else, protects the civil, social and legal rights of all Texans.